Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Togenuki Jizoson in Sugamo

I went to Togenuki Jizoson in Sugamo, Tokyo. It's formally called Kogangi temple. It was opened in Yushima in 1596 then relocated in Sugamo in 1891. Togenuki Jizoson is very famous for Togenuki Jizo Statue. People are queuing to pure water and then wash it with a small towel. It is believed that the illness in the part of Jizo Statue you wash will cure. 

Togenuki Jizoson
History of Koganji temple

Japanese Plum
 Chozuya is placed in front of the temple. It is the place where visitors cleanse themselves. They wash their hands and mouths.

 Zuko refers to applying incense to the body of visitors to cleanse impurities.

Main hall

Togenuki Jizo Statue

People pure water then wash the part of the Jizo's body which they want to have cure.  

Do you have any problem with your body? If so, you should visit to Togenuki Jizoson!! Be healthy!!

Sugamo HP (Togenuki Jizoson) : 

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