Friday, March 20, 2015

Sugamo Jizo Dori Shopping Street

I went to Sugamo Jizo Dori Shopping Street. Sugamo is called Many elderly people visit this area. The street has 800 meter long and there are "Grandmas' Harajuku". over 200 stores. They sell clothes, traditional foods and traditional crafts for elderly people. 

Sugamo Jizo Dori Shopping Street

Dried young sardines and shrimps
 Many stores have a food sample. A food sample is real food., not plastic food sample. I tried to have dried young sardines and shrimps . They was so nice and I bought them.

Green tea
 I also try to drink green tea. It was so tasty. I do love green tea.

Sugamon is the mascot character of Sugamo Jizo Dori Shopping Street. We have a mascot character called "Yuru-chara" in each region in Japan. Gamo (Kamo) of Sugamo means a duck in Japanese. Sugamon came from the Duck world... 

Rice cracker store

They have many kinds of rice cracker.

Japanese traditional umbrella
 These umbrella were so beautiful. We can enjoy a depressing rain day.

Sugamo Post Office
Under ware store "Maruji"
They sell red under ware. The color red is believed to be healthy. The red color is increasing blood circulation and body temperature.

Do you want to try them?

I didn't buy red under ware but I bought the red towel with my Animal symbol "Eto" monkey. 

Clothing store
There are some clothing store for elderly people. It's very cheap. It was first time to visit Sugamo. I will buy red under ware when I get older. I could enjoy "Grandmas' Harajuku". But I really want to go to real Harajuku...

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