Monday, March 16, 2015

Oshiruko at Ikegami Ikedaya

Do you like Japanese style sweets? If you come to Japan, I recommend you should have Japanese style sweets at a Japanese style cafe and restaurant. I like sweets, but I cannot eat a lot. Japanese style sweets are not so sweet compare than Western's. Anko has a low calories content. Anko has polyphenols. Polyphenols prevent aging. It's so healthy. We use beans paste called "Anko" instead of cream for stees. My favorite Japanese sweets is Oshiruko. 

After I enjoyed seeing Japanese plum, I went to Ikegami Ikedaya for a break. Ikegami Ikedaya is famous for Kuzumochi. Kuzumochi is made of rice cake with roasted soybean flour "Kinako" and black honey. It tastes so nice, but I ordered Oshiruko this time. 

Ikegami Ikedaya

Cute ornament. I think the flower design on the window is a Japanese plum.

The crane figures were on the restaurant. 

Green tea
Oshiruko with green tea
There are two kinds of Oshiruko, Inaka Shiruko and Gozen Shiruko. Inaka Shiruko is cooked by mashed beans paste. Gozen Shiruko is cooked by smooth beans paste. Oshiruko is sweet, so it's is usually served with something salty for freshener. Ikedaya served Ohisuko with Shio-konbu (seaweed with salt).

We put rice cake to Oshiruko. Ikedaya put a round mochi into Oshiruko. I hope that you will try to have both Oshiruko and Kuzumochi!! They are really delicious.

Ikegami Ikedaya HP:

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