Monday, March 2, 2015

FELISSIMO NEKOBU in Shibuya Hikarie

Do you like cats? I'm crazy about cats. If you like cats, I hope you will check this shop. The cat goods shop "FELISSIMO NEKOBU (cat club)" is opened for an only limited time from February 19 to March 4th in Shibuya Hikarie. February 22nd was the cat day in Japan. We can call 2.22 "Nyan Nyan Nyan". We say "Nyan" when a cat cry. You say "meow" in English. So the shop was opened for the cat day. 

Shibuya Hikarie 
Tote bag
Room ware
Mail holder
Coin purse
 This is a Ukiyoe picture cat. Ukiyoe is a painting style of woodblock prints on Edo period. Sharaku is a Ukiyoe print artist. A post card here is "Nyaraku".


Post card
Room ware short
How was that? It's so cute, isn't it? The shop opens until March 4th. Only 3 days left including today. If you have a time, please check it!! 

Shibuya Hikarie is an exciting place. I'll show you Hikarie more next time.

Nekobu HP:
Shibuya Hikarie Map


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