Monday, February 2, 2015

Tokyo Bay Waterfront "Tennoz"

Tennoz is the Tokyo bay waterfront area. This area was redevelopment and changed to urban area in 1985. Tennoz Isle station opened in 1992. It's nice place to see the view of Tokyo bay. You can get the Tennoz Isle station by Tokyo Monorail and Rinkai line. There are many restaurants that you can enjoy seeing the view of Tokyo bay waterfront. I went to Sea Fort Square. There are some restaurants, which you can see the view of Tokyo bay.

Tennoz Sea Fort Square

Inside of Sea Fort Square. 

There are some restaurants and shops.

You can enjoy the Tokyo bay waterfront to walk on the boardwalk.

You can cruise Tokyo Bay by Lady Crystal. She is the party yacht. You can enjoy lunch and dinner cruise. I think the night time is the best for cruising.

You can walk around on the boardwalk. It was cold but I could feel fresh.

Ducks were swimming in the water.

Opposite shore

Tokyo Monorail just leaving from Tennoz Isle Station. You can go to Haneda Airport by Tokyo Monorail.

This is Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort.

I could see the view of Tokyo Bay Waterfront on the 28th floor of the hotel. You can see Rainbow bridge and Odaiba at the far side.

A boat was just coming.

Rainbow bridge and Odaiba area.

From another side you can see Shinjuku and Roppongi far away.

You can see the skyscrapers in Shinguku on the left side and the toll building on the right side is Roppongi Hills.  

Odaiba is the best to see the view of Tokyo Bay waterfront. Odaiba is always clouded with people. If you want to relax to see the view of Tokyo bay waterfront, Tennoz is a nice place to see it.

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