Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shibuya Center Gai, Japan

Shibuya Center Gai is the street in Udagawa-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo. Many stores, restaurants, fast foods and Karaoke shops for young people line a narrow street. 

The gate of Shibuya Center Gai

There are many restaurants, Okonomiyaki, Ramen and fast food restaurant Fist Kitchen. 

McDonalds and cafe


I often come to drink at the bar around here with my friends and co-workers.

Sooooo many Karaoki shops. 

myT factory

I found the store crowded with foreign tourists. Here is "myT factory". They print Kanji you chose to a T-shirt.

The meaning of Kanji starting from the left is 長男:eldest son, 祭:festival and 日本:Japan.

The list of Kanji you can choose

Some words are so funny. In this list you can choose "handsome", "baseball life", "fecklessness", "leave me alone, it's my life"....

You can make a T-shirt for your dog too. 忠犬 means a faithful dog. メタボ犬 means a metabolic dog.

There were many photos, which people with a Kanji t-shirt. 

Headband with Japanese national flag with Kanji.

You can print your name too.

It takes only one minute to print a T-shirt.

Price List 
T-shirt XS - XL: 2480 yen
T-shirt 3L - 5L: 3280 yen
Long sleeves T-shirt 150 - XL: 3280 yen
Polo shirt XS - XL: 2980 yen
Kids 90 - 150: 2160 yen
Dog XS - XXL: 3280 yen

I hope that you can get your favorite nice T-shirt. 

myT factory HP:

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