Friday, February 27, 2015

Kanzashi Ya "Wargo" in Tokyo Solamachi

I post about Tokyo Solamachi last post. There are so many stores in Tokyo Solamachi. I'd like to show you the Kazashi store, where I'm interested in. Kanzshi is the traditional hair ornament for women. We put our hair up with Kanzashi. In my image Kanzashi were used in the old days. But recently many fashonable Kanzashi are sold.  

Kanzashi Ya Wargo
Put the hair up with Kanzashi
Please see the above video how to use Kanzashi below.

Credit: wargojapan

 It's not so difficult. A shop assistant help you how to use Kanzashi too.

Tonbodama is the hot item among their products.

Flower Kanzashi
Sparkling Kanzashi
Coral Kanzashi
Jewel Kanzashi
Inside of the stoer

You must be so surprised to see there beautiful Kanzashi. It's an art.

Aizu lacquer ware Kanzashi 
All of Kanzashi are made by hand. They have a subtle craftsmanship. I hope that you will try to wear it. It's a good for gift too. :)

Wargo HP:

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