Monday, February 16, 2015

Japanese Style Craft Store "Aito"

There is a Japanese style craft store "Aito" in Shinagawa-Juku. This is my favorite store. They sell the beautiful plates and utensils bring out the flavor of Japanese dishes. Some crafted figures are so cute "Kawaii". 

Aito Shop & Showroom

Paint of the traveler in Tokaido

March 3rd is Girls' Day "Hina-matsuri" in Japan. Many dolls for Hina-matsuri were sold.

Colorful glasses

Cap and teapot

Soy sauce bottle and egg cup

Cup, plate and bowl

Maneki-neko and piggy bank

Earthen pot

I love these beautiful glasses. 



Small plate

Small plate

It's good for soy sauce.

Animal plate and bowl

Cat statue and child Buddha stone statue and cups with Sakura.   

Inside of store.

I really like the sense of Aito. They offer not too old and not too new. I feel warm to see their Japanese style crafts. 

Aito Shop & Showroom HP:

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