Thursday, February 5, 2015

Home furnishing store "NITORI"

I went to NITORI for shopping. NITORI is home furnishing store. They have furniture, interior and kitchen stuff. The price is reasonable. I sometimes go there to buy furniture.  I bought a rack for my stereo. My parents bought a sofa and a frying pan. 


Frying Pan

I use the frying pan my mom bought in Nitori.


I think their display is easy to find the things you want.


A Kotatsu is a Japanese traditional heating system. I think that Kotatsu is one of the best Japanese electronics. It is a small table with an electric heater. It has a square top and separated table. We cover the blanket for a Kotatsu between a square top and table to cut heat loss. 


It's just some beige color. There are so many colors of the curtain. 



NITORI's total coordinate

NITORI's total coordinate

I would like to live in there rooms. Actually I'm planning to live alone within this year...


Randoseru (School bag)

Randoseru is a kind of back pack made of firm leather. Japanese elementally school children pack their text books and notebooks into randoseru. Children usually use one rnadoseru for 6 years. Recently rnadoseru became popular in the world because one Hollywood actress used it and anime character often carry a randoseru. Randoseru is very expensive. It's 50,000 yen on average. But Nitori offers randoseru at a reasonable price.

Nitori net:

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