Monday, January 12, 2015

View of Tokyo from Yebis Garden Place

I went to Yebis Garden Place to see the great view of Tokyo. I saw the view of Tokyo on the 39th floor of the building. I took a beautiful view of Tokyo. Especially I enjoyed Mt. Fuji with a great view of the sunset. There were some restaurants. You can see Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower and Rainbow bridge at the restaurants. I could see the north and west side of Tokyo. 

 Yebis Garden Place
 I went to the 39th floor of the building.

I could see the view of Tokyo here.

 It was wonderful weather. It was a clear view with blue sky.

 Buildings are crammed side by side. 

 Tall buildings in Shinjuku.

 I could not see the view of the west side of Tokyo clearly because of the against sun. But I could see the mountain.

 The sun began to set.

 The evening sun was dazzling.

 Mt. Fuji

I saw the sunset over the mountain. It was a breathtaking scenery.

Mt. Fuji glowed the sunset.

I want to see the night view next time.

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