Monday, January 19, 2015

Matcha au let and matcha kitkat

It's very cold in Tokyo now. It's good time to drink hot matcha au let for break. Matcha au let tasts sweet. We usually don't put sugar in Japanese tea. I sometimes see Japanese tea with sugar is sold at a shop in overseas. But we drink Japanese tea with non-sugar. So matcha au let is a special. 

I sometimes drink matcha au let at a cafe. But I buy instant matcha au let at a convenience store.   

7 stickes of Blendy stick matcha au let. You can buy it in the convenience store or super market.

You put the one matcha au let to your cup and just pour hot water. It's easy.

It's a matcha kitkat. It's one of my favorite. Kitkat has many flavors. But matcha flavor is the best for me. You can buy a matcha kitkat at a shop only in Japan. 

It's really delicious!! I hope you will try this unique Japanese kitkat.

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