Saturday, January 17, 2015

Luxurious shopping place Ginza

Ginza is an upscale area lined with many fancy restaurants, departments and stores. Ginza is known the most luxurious shopping place in Japan. I sometimes go to see the movies and have lunch and dinner with my friends. 

Yurakucho ITOCiA is one of my favorite department stores. You can buy clothes, shoes and handbags with reasonable prices. 

I sometimes see the movies at the Mullion Movie Theaters.

Yurakucho LUMINE is the shopping center at the station.

My Melody and Hello Kitty welcomed in the entrance of SANRIO Ginza.

Dior and Armani 

Ginza Wako is a department store, where is located in the center of Ginza. The store is famous for upscale goods such as handbags, watches, Jewelry and porcelain.  SEIKO Clock Tower is a symbol of Ginza.

The historic department store Ginza Wako and Ginza Mitsukoshi are located on the intersection.

The street was free of vehicle on every weekends and holidays. 

Matsuya is one of  historic department stores.

The luxury brand store were lined on this street.




KIRARITO GINZA opened with 52 shops on October 30. 2014. It's a new department store. Their basic concept is that the place, where the most happiest places in Ginza. Their main theme is bridal. The brilliant appearance of the building is brilliant-cut diamond.   


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