Monday, January 5, 2015

Hatsumode, the first visit to shrine

Japanese people visit to a shrine to pray for our happiness and good health during New Year. This is called "Hatsumode", the first visit to a shrine. Meiji shrine in Tokyo is attracting the largest visitors around 3 million people. I visited to shrine near my house on January 1st and then visited to Hiei shrine in Akasaka on January 5th.

Hiei Shrine in Akasaka

"Torii", the entrance in Hiei Shrine.

Sooooo many people visited to Hatsumode in Hiei Shrine and waited in a queue. January 5th was the first day of work this year. There are many companies in Akasaka. So many business people visited here.   

I throw money to the offertory box and pray to god for good health and good luck. 

 People buy "Hamaya", an allow which exorcise evil.

 I bought "hamaya".

People buy "Omamori", good luck charm to ward off bad luck.

They have many kinds of "Omamori" such as transit safety, success in an exam, good marriage, good health and good luck.

I bought "omamori" of good luck. I usually put it my wallet.   

This is "Omikuji". Omikuji is a paper fortune.

You can pick it up a piece of wood, which is written a number from the box. You can get the paper same as the number you picked. You can see excellent luck or general luck or bad luck.  

 I got General Luck. I think General Luck is the best. 

People tie Omikuji onto the branches near by trees after reading it in hopes that a good fortune will come true and that a bad fortune will drive away. I tied my Omikuji.

 My Hamaya and Omamori.

I hope that 2015 will be the great year.

Hiei Shrine HP:


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