Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year from Tokyo Japan

Happy New Year!!

May you have an amazing year!!

New Year is called "Oshougatsu" in Japanese. New Year's Day is a very important day for the Japanese people. There are many customs to celebrate New Year's Day.

We put an ornament called "Kadomatsu" to welcome the new god of the new year in front of entrance. Kadomatsu is made of bamboo and pine. 

We have the Japanese Zodiac. The Japanese Zodiac is imported from China. There are 12 animals, and each animal, with one animal is allocated to every year. This is the year of the sheep. We set a Shigaraki ware sheep on the table.

We put called "Kagamimochi", round, piled up mochi to pray our health. 

We eat Japanese traditional dish called "Osechi ryori". Each dish has a special meaning such as health, long life and luck. 

It's Japanese traditional soup called "Ozoni". It's a rice cake, chicken, egg and bean-starch vermicelli. The ingredients are different from each region. 

Japanese people usually spend New Year's Day with our family and relatives. I usually spend New Year's Day with my parents. My sister's family came to see us on January 2nd. 

My mom made Osechi layout like this for us today. It's nice, isn't it? I forgot to take a photo, but we had special beef too.

We had a good time.

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