Friday, January 30, 2015

Gorgeous Toilet in Gajoen, Japan

I wanted to show you this gorgeous toilet in Megro Gajoen. It's just toilet, but it's almost sightseeing spot. You felt like to come to museum.  Meguro Gajoen is community and amenity space, which was built in 1931. It's very traditional place and everything in Megro Gajoen is art object. 

It's the entrance of the toilet. It was already gorgeous. 

The art of wall was a traditional craft. 

Another one

The sign for lady's room

You come into the entrance, you can see the bridge and the river.  

Look at the ceiling. Many traditional beautiful women were on the ceiling.

A river run under the vermilion-lacquered bridge. 



The inside of the toilet was wide.

The beautiful woman was on the ceiling too.

The room was lit by the warm lighting.

I was so surprised when I saw the toilet in Gajoen first time. Everything in Gajoen is gorgeous. 

Meguro Gajoen HP:


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