Monday, December 1, 2014

The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo

I sometimes go to a hotel The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo in Shinagawa for shopping. I buy some gifts at the Japanese style select shop when my friends come to see me from overseas or when I go to overseas on business. And I come to see the sakura trees (cherry blossoms) here every Spring. 

Here is the Price Sakura Tower Tokyo Hotel.

It's a sleek lobby.  You can see a beautiful Japanese garden from the wide windows. 

Here is the Masters Craft, which sells the Japanese style goods.  

 Colorful traditional Origami.

 This is Nambu ironware. These are the iron kettle called "Tetsubin" in Japanese. It has the quality to last long.

Next four pictures are all chopstick lest. They are really cute and real. They are chopstick lest, but you can use them for decoration.  
Autumn vegetable

Doughnut and some sweets

Bred and pretzel
Dish for new year like shrimp, octopus, seaweed and rice cake and Japanese fan. 

Cup and pot designed with Sakura. Pail pink is very beautiful.

Cup and plate designed with Sakura.

Cute owl ball juggling

Traditional Japanese sandals

The Japanese garden in the Prince Sakura Tower is very beautiful. This garden is surrounded by the three hotels, the Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo, the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa and the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa. 

Garden lantern

Kannon dou
You can see the Goddess of Kannon.

The cherry tree will be bloom in Spring. I love this garden.

The Price Sakura Tower Tokyo HP:


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