Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shirogane platinum street in Tokyo Japan

I went to the Shiroganedai platinum street. There are many nice shops and restaurants in this street. It's good to walk the ginkgo lines street. I always ask a store clerk if I can take some photos inside of the store. Unfortunately all store didn't allow me to take photos this time. So I just took the photos outside of the stores.

Here is the Shiroganedai platinum street.

Goods for Dog

Fashion shop "RRozestt"

There was a cute red telephone box in front of the restaurant.

Flower shop "BIOTOP"

Cafe & Restaurant "Cafe La Boheme Stellato"

It's good to have dishes at the terrace on a beautiful day. 

Cake & Cafe "Lettre D'AMORE"

Soba noodle restaurant "Toshian"

Cafe & Restaurant "The House Shirogane" 

I like this restaurant. It's very beautiful appearance. I love the flower wreath and lamp. 

Shiroganedai street HP: http://shiroganedai.jp/index_top.html


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