Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Low price stylish shop "Awesome Store" Omotesando

I went to Awesome Store in Omotesando, Harajuku. They sell kitchenware, interior and stationary at a low price. The things sold at a low price sometimes not good design and quality. But Awesome Store offers the stylish thing at a reasonable price. 

The cute pick is sold only 190 yen to 290 yen.

The cups on upper stand are the most popular items in the store.

I bought a London mag cup.

Hello Kitty celebrates her 40th anniversary from her birthday November 1st. These are the collaboration products between Hello Kitty, Awesome store and artists.

I will buy my chopsticks here next time. It's only 98 yen in a cute design.

I need the green in my room but I don't have any space for decoration.

Christmas is coming soon. So many Christmas decorations were sold on the store. 

If you start new life in Tokyo, I recommend that you'll buy a set of kitchenware here.

Awesome Store HP: http://www.awesomestore.net/



  1. Thank you Hiyoko for this helpful information.

    1. It's my pleasure!! It's a nice store. I hope you will visit there