Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Illumination in Yebis Garden Place Japan

I went to see the Christmas illumination in Yebis Garden Place. Some events are hold during Christmas time there. A gorgeous Christmas tree and a chandelier were amazing!! Yebis Garden Place was illuminated with totally hundred thousand of electric lights. It was really beautiful and gorgeous!!

It's a Christmas tree. I went to Yebis Graden Place before black. The sky was dark blue. It was so romantic.

The Christmas gifts were sold at the shops. 

Illuminated lined-trees and a chandelier. We can walk on the red carpet seeing the beautiful illumination. 

Now Yebis Garden Place celebrate their 20th anniversary. Also Baccrat is their 250 year since it was founded. The Baccart chandelier designed by Yasmichi Morita, GLAMOROUS co., ltd. was desolated on the open filed. 

The chandelier is 8.4 m tall, 4.6 m wide and 1.8 tons wight. It has 410 lights. It is the largest chandelier ever in the Baccart history. The chandelier shined with particular brilliance. 

The Christmas Marche was hold in the open square. Especially people enjoyed having warm foods. 

Here is the French restaurant Joel Robuchon. The chef Joel Robuchon runs the restaurants all over the would. The restaurant received the top rating of three stars.

The sky turned black. The lights were more shining in a dark place.

The Christmas tree was so gorgeous. 

I recommend that you go to Yebis Garden Place. You can enjoy the beautiful Christmas illumination and events!!

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