Sunday, October 12, 2014

Osaki Craft Market

I went to Osaki Craft Market on Saturday. There were 74 shops. All shops sold the handmade products. All of them were so talented and creative. I like a handmade product. Because it's sometimes only one for me. It provides a unique touch. I like to have a distinct design. 

Osaki Craft Market

Key chain
Necklace made by stone
Maneki- neko
Have you heard of "Maneki-neko"? Maneki-neko is a cat which brings fortune and happiness.  You put Maneki-neko in your shop as a lucky charm to increase business.

Fruit cake magnet

Animal clock
Tote bag
Tote bag & ginger tea
I bought a tote bag and a ginger tea!! I'm sipping ginger tea writing my blog now.

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