Monday, October 6, 2014

A Nostalgic Festival

I went to a festival on Saturday. I often come here when I was a child. I feel nostalgic for my childhood. Unfortunately, a typhoon was on the way to Japan. So not so many people came to the festival. But some children enjoyed playing games and eating street food.  

Street vendor
Yakitori (Char-boiled-chicken)
Bouncy ball scooping
Colorful bouncy balls
Cotton candy
I do love a cotton candy when I was a child.

Syateki (Shooting game)
You can get a toy if you hit a target toy with a toy gun. I like playing this game.

Starch syrup of apple
Pikachu, doraemon, anpanman and tomas's yo-yo scooping game.

Banana chocolate
Gold fish scooping
Gold fishes
Japanese lantern

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